Solar Options for Your Home

Solar Options For Your Home

home solar devicesWith all the costs it takes to maintain a home, finding ways to save money can help, like with solar panels. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how many items are emerging on the market using the sun as their primary power source. Many of the options work outside your home because that’s where the sun spends most of its time!

From lights to chargers, and even security, find out all the options available to save money while operating to everyday items. If only we could power everything from the sun! For now, enjoys small victories and savings with the following items:

Flag Pole Lights

Flag poles are a way to display your pride for your country, not to mention, flag poles help your home to look better and well cared for and maintained. Now, you can use a solar flag pole light to shine your pride even in the dark. Solar panels around the light charge the bulb during the day and store the energy until night time.

A disk-type energy panel sits on the top of the flag pole with a light bulb on one side and the solar powers on the other side. During the sunny hours, the photovoltaic cells take energy from the sun and store it up to use for several hours into the night to highlight the flag.

Paying to power all of your outside lights with regular watt bulbs and electricity could double your bill, especially around holidays when you use more lights. Instead, solar allows you to use the free energy provided by the sun instead of spending tons of money.

Outside Lights

When out on your back porch or deck, you may want lights around your back fence or your patio for ambiance and visibility. Lights strung up over the roof section of your patio look so lovely and make an excellent party even better so you can spend hours outside talking to friends and family.

Solar strings of light allow you to use a variety of lights anywhere you want for more sight lines and visual appeal. String Edison lights around your umbrella, around the door, or on wooden polls to turn your yard into a showcase. If you don’t like big bulb lights, try fairy lights instead. String lights can come in many different fashions, but now they come solar powered.

The lights come on a string attached to a little solar panel on a plastic stake. Place the stake in the ground with the solar panel facing where it will get the most sun. The panel will soak the sun’s rays, store it up like a little chipmunk, and then run the lights on command when you turn them on. A beautiful backyard is only a solar panel away!

Path Lights

Let the sun work for you! It can power the lights on your path to the front door. For only a few dollars at almost every store, you can find plastic lights with built-in solar panels. These panels come on top, ready to soak in the rays and distribute light across your path near your feet.

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Like many outdoor solar spotlights, solar path lights often come with plastic stakes attached to make it easy to stick to the ground. Each light comes with a built-in bulb ready to go with decorative stakes to stand up as tall as needed to light a path. Use them in your front yard, around your patio, or even around a gazebo if your yard is large enough.

Pathway lights not only provide visibility to prevent injuries walking up to the house in the dark, but they also offer gorgeous lighting to serve as functional decor and help your home look like the nicest house on the block. For more permanent outdoor lighting fixtures, try solar lamp post lights, solar deck lights, and solar gutter lights.

Attic Fans

Solar power extends to exhaust fans in the attic. Have a smart thermostat at your command with adjustable settings. These fans connect to solar panels to either spin the fan without using electricity or use an exhaust fan without traditional power.

Most of the solar attic fans even allow you to switch on or off and control by day or by night. You may have a slightly high upfront cost, but remember, if you live in a sunny state, these devices will not add to your monthly bill.

Christmas Lights

Once a year, Christmas gains the electric companies massive amounts of money. They rake in the dough with extra lights inside, additional lights outside, extra heat on the thermostat, the list goes on and on. You don’t have to help them make more money! Instead, you can use solar panel Christmas lights to decorate your home at least on the outside and save your money for buying presents!

Solar Christmas lights have become so sophisticated! Now you can choose plain white lights or multi-color lights with a stake in the ground style tiny solar power. By day, the lights stay off as the panel collects energy from the sun to power the lights at night: no more high power bills, just lots of beautiful lights not costing you any extra money.

The options for fairy or strings of tiny lights often allow for turning off and on, memory function, waterproof design, and even flashing in patterns. Christmas is not only more affordable, but it’s also now more accessible, personalized, and able to memorize your favorite settings. Use these lights for more than just the holidays, and you can use them as decor for parties, weddings, and so much more without costing you any extra money.

Animal Repellers

Many homeowners deal with pests, or they have to pay for pest control from rats to birds, raccoons, squirrels, moles, and other annoying animals, causing damage to your home. Now you can get rid of critters for one low cost without using your electricity or calling in professionals who charge the big bucks.

One of these solar-paneled devices would sit outside your home on your property to soak up the sun and take a small amount of its energy to either create a mixture of ultrasonic or sonic sounds to deter animals from staying on your property. Some of the devices may also use a flashing LED light as well as sound to annoy animals, so they leave your land.

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No chemicals, no harm to humans, just an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally safe method of protecting your home from annoying and dangerous animals. Why not use the sun to power protect your home and your electricity bill, too, with a tiny little panel that blends into your yard.

Security Cameras

Another great product many homes use but don’t need to pay a monthly fee for is a security camera. Yes, monitor your home but stop paying for the electricity for your camera! Pay for the stuff inside away from the sun and save your money on the outside of your home!

Technology has grown at exponential rates, and now you can catch neighbors stealing packages in the act with a medium-sized dedicated panel on your garage roofline connected to a camera. Many of these cameras come with many helpful features and cost just over three digits.

Find features you love in a solar security camera including but not limited to voice-enabled, Wi-Fi compatible, two-way audio, the list goes on and on. The sun can help you to protect your investments, your home, your family, and your life. And paired with good solar powered motion security lights a good camera system to help protect your home and property.

Computer Keyboards

Solar items are just on the outside of your home, while others work in your home, like with solar-powered keyboards. Instead of wasting money every month on new batteries for your keyboard or using a wired keyboard attached to your energy-guzzling computer, connect a super affordable solar-powered keyboard with the capability of recharging the power supply without costing you another penny.

Mind you, as these are solar-powered, the keyboard will function better if your office has access to direct sunlight, but any light source can keep solar keyboard running. These special keyboards are not bigger or better; they simply have a solar panel up top out of the way so you can continue using one of the most used items in your home without running up the electricity bill. Now we need solar-powered televisions, PS4’s, computers, and refrigerators!

Phone Chargers

Though you may not need a solar battery pack to charge your phone often, they can be useful if the power goes out or if you go camping often. One of the biggest worries of a power outage is no access to a charged phone. No worries, your phone just needs some juice from the sun to operate.

No matter what situation you have an emergency or otherwise, a solar panel charger can save you in a sticky situation. Most of these style chargers can also plug into the wall to charge or placed in the path of the sun. Many allow you to charge multiple devices at once, while many also offer a flashlight for extra light too.

Mind you, and solar phone chargers may take longer to convert power to juice as this is newer technology. However, it’s still an option we didn’t have a few years ago and can power an indispensable device without power if needed.


Another great solar option if you have problems with power is a solar-powered generator panel. Houses often need an emergency power backup depending on where you live. You can use a solar generator to provide power to run multiple items at once, and often, they have a radio built-in.

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Use a generator for camping, emergencies, a backup source of power, and for back up in the car when off-roading often. The ability to charge multiple devices from one solar-powered device offers a wide range of use and a whole lot of stress reduction. Though the weather may rage, eventually, the sun will return to provide a light at the end of the tunnel. Most solar generators can take up to 12 hours to charge the device. RV solar kits can do the job for you when you are away from home in your recreational vehicle.

There are even smaller versions for those who want to take charging capabilities to the trails. Be sure to check out our review of the best solar chargers for backpacking for more information.

LED Flame Candles

You have probably seen the LED flame candles with a switch on the bottom and massive battery life for a little ambient lighting. Now you can use these candles without batteries as they come solar powered. Get warm flickering white light from tiered candles with timers.

If you like candlelight but don’t want to worry about open flames, these are a perfect option for you. Pillar candles look great and give just the right amount of light for many settings but can cost a lot to replace batteries. No need to worry when you pay upfront and then let the sun take overcharging the candles to provide light when you need it even when the sun isn’t available.


The last solar device on the list is a new invention out of Japan, a solar-powered toothbrush to energize your brushing without the need for replacement batteries. Brushing teeth is a twice a day or more habit and more effective with electric or battery-operated brushes, but think of all the waste from batteries or energy when you have to charge the device! Instead, let the sun help you out once again from its never-ending stock of energy.

Prevent plaque, bleeding gums, periodontal disease, and more without adding to your electricity bill. Even better, the new Japanese toothbrush uses high tech ionic light power to clean so you can also save money on toothpaste and still get a killer smile thanks to the sun.

Wrapping Up

The world is just beginning to tap into the potential of the sun to generate and maintain power without costing a fortune. Every day the world throws away batteries, uses energy, and loses lots of money to something the sun can do for a one time cost. Jump on the opportunity whenever possible to grab items powered by the sun.

Hopefully, innovative companies and people will continue to bring new, environmentally friendly items like solar powered pool lights, and solar pool heaters to consumers. Come back to our page often, and we will keep you in the loop of all the best options for sun operated items right here. See you soon!

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