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USB Host Shield for Arduino

This is legacy product to be used with older and other "not so compatible" Arduino boards. For most other cases, the latest revision of the board is recommended.

This shield adds USB Host capabilities to popular Arduino platform. Comes in four different configurations (details in the article). Software support for new devices is constantly added; at the moment, code for USB keyboard and PS3 controller are ready with Bluetooth and digital cameras in the works. To learn more about the project, browse USB Shield category on this site.

If you are planning to use this shield with one of the "Big" Arduinos, like Mega or 2560, SPI signals would have to be rerouted, i.e., pins 13,12,11 of the shield should be connected to pins 50,52,51 of the Mega.

Solarbotcis sells my boards. If you are in Canada, you may want to check them out for better shipping time and rates.

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