MIDI support for USB Host 2.0 Library

usb code

usb code

This is a short announcement for those who might have missed a recent comment to this post. Yuuichi Akagawa developed USB MIDI driver for USB Host 2.0 library and made it available on gitHub. The repository has source code, single and multiple device examples, function reference and supported device list.

Thank you, Yuuichi, for your great contribution!


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  • ben

    Hi, I have run the midi dump example in this new midi library example with a midi controller conected and the VID ( vendor ID ) and PID ( product ID ) appear.. but not sure what to do next, do I add these ID’s into the code anywhere ? the midi dump does’nt appear to contain changing midi data as a rotate the midi pots / push buttons.. so I can only assume i need to add this Vendor ID somewhere in the library..

    has anyone here managed to get anywhere with Yuuichi’s library ? I’m basically trying to load the midi data values of the volume pots into varibles that can then control things connected to the arduino 🙂 I like the idea of using the midi interface since theres some great tough music hardware out there !

    the example keyboard input code works well on the USBhost 2 library but really would love to use midi..