How to Keep Earbuds in While Running – Come Out of the Complex with Ease

Keep your earbuds in while running, workout and causal works. Especially while running. So, know how to keep earbuds in while running. Also know how to insert ear buds

First, we had big portable headphones for music consumption, voice chat, and other stuff.

Then the world saw wired handsfree, and one step ahead, it was a more relaxed fashion of Bluetooth, then wireless AirPods, and now we live in an era of earbuds.

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How to Keep Earbuds in While Running?

Earbuds look so fancy and convenient if we see from where we have stepped up. 

But in my case, I have not been very much an aficionado of earbuds. Why?

Due to my athletic and jogging hormones, earbuds had always struck me a tough time during physical activities until I didn’t know how to keep earbuds in while running.

Factually, it wasn’t the fault of my sweet tiny musical earpieces; nonetheless, I was so dumped about the proper procedure of wearing these (Oh gosh! It wasn’t rocket science).

Well, enough of my story; if you are dangling between situations where your earbuds don’t stay in, this article is definitely going to help you.

How to Keep Earbuds in while Running: Some Easy Steps to Digest

15 Hacks To Stop Earbuds From Falling Out While Jogging – How To Fix  Headphones
How to Keep Earbuds in while Running

There are multiple hacks, tricks, or right ways (whatever you say) through which you can resolve this “worldly” problem. However, it’s all up to you which suits and works the best for you.

Right Ear, Right EarBud: 

It was literally not less than a shock for me that each specific earbud gets dedicatedly designed for the right ear. It’s not superstitiously exaggerated, but it’s a “fact” with technical reasoning behind it.

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You may not discover your ears are different from each other, but Yes, they are, literally. It can’t be judged by simply standing in front of the mirror and straightaway staring at both your ears. Or, measuring your ears with inch-tape or bare hands. My dear, you’ll get your mind puzzled.

Likewise, our fingerprints, chromosomes, and genes; our ear size and shape also distinguish us. It looks weird, but the ear canal shape and other internal ear structures vary from each other.

The manufacturers have recognized this long ago; that’s why you may see your earbuds punched or mentioned with tiny R (right) or L (Left) markings to let you specify which earbud should go for which side.

This is the issue with most of us that we don’t judge this thing as this fast-running time doesn’t grant us some seconds to focus on this thing.

So, next time when your expensive branded earbuds don’t look sticky to your ears, try to connect them to the right ear.

Sweat Bands and Ear Warmer – Simple, Straight, but Not For Everyone:

If you need something that keeps your earbuds stuck while running, Sweatbands and ear warmers are quick fixes. But, yes, this solution is weather and individual-specific; you can’t go with this way for an all-seasoned hack.

Ear warmers are not going to hold your hands in summers, and still, some people possess excessively sweating bodies that can turn down sweatbands as not an optimal solution. But yes, sweatbands significantly work well if earbuds keep falling out while running.

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Get Hair Hooks – Yes, A great Alternative to Sweat Bands:

Sweatbands may not work for you, but these tiny accessories will unquestionably work for you. The C-shaped air hooks wrap around the outer ear that fix your earbuds much efficiently. It’s not a rare thing in the athletic, runner, or jogger’s community; you just have to find good quality and rightly sized air hooks for good earbud stability in your ears.

Find the Right Size Earbuds, Be Ready to Bear Some Negative Experience:

It’s a philosophy that you have to experience manually. Earbuds come in different sizes, ear tips, and shapes. Nonetheless, which is the best for you and will keep your earbuds from falling out, it’s a stroke of luck. Otherwise, you have to go through some negative experiences while manually reviewing different earbuds.

A wrong size and shape earbud affect you in two ways; causing pain or soreness to the air canal outer part and bad music experience due to loose canal sealing.

Thus, you have to find a right-sized earbud that’ll not hurt your ears for extended usages. For that purpose, you should try out the different shapes and material ear tips. Some people go with foam ear tips, while the current trend is with silicone ear tips.

Ear canal sealing is essential for a good music experience. Also, it keeps your earbud in the ear as a plus point. Though, if you’re most concerned about music experience, good ear tips on wrong size earbuds sometimes do the trick.

Seeing all this, you may make a judgment here; It’s lots of shuffling and trying out different patterns to get your purpose done.

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Some Other Ways, If All These Hacks aren’t Your Stuff:

So, are there some other ways that’ll solve your mystery of how to keep earbuds from falling out? You probably will be fixed with these solutions, but if these don’t let you smile comfortably, here are some other paths to follow;

Check Your Earwax Buildup: You probably say what nasty stuff I am suggesting to you. Nevertheless, earwax is a hygienic material for ears, but the excessive quantity may not allow earbuds to stick in your ears. So, if you’re experiencing this, get your earwax removed to get the problem fixed.

Use different stabilizers and Tips: This is somewhat, I have already discussed above. Test your earbuds with different ear tips shapes and stabilizers and find the right one for you.  

Find a Sweat and Water-Resistance Earbuds: It’s a serious matter. Running, gyming, or in extreme cases of swimming, use earbuds that are water and sweat-resistant. Water or sweat make things slippery and oily so search for a brand that gives a non-slippery and water-resistance product for quick help against the falling issue.

The Bottom Line – Wrapping Up the Story:

So, how to keep earbuds in while running? It’s not an issue with rare solutions. But, doing things correctly will achieve good results. Apart from this, rightly insertion of earbuds also fixes the problems. And how to insert earbuds correctly? You can check the user manual for this and more instructions.

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