How to Clean Steam Mop Pads and Head: Easy Steps to Follow

Steam cleaners lend you a helpful hand while mopping your floors.

Believe me, My mother, 48, has been cured of back pain since we brought her the steam mop cleaner.

However, the critical point here, you get a steam cleaner to better sanitize your floors.

But then, you come to know at a moment that your steam cleaner is now not as effective as it used to be before.

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How to Clean Steam Mop Pads and Head?

The major issue here could be dirty mop heads, nozzles, and pads that create more mess than fixing it. So, how to clean steam mop pads and head?

That’s not a big deal if you follow some proper steps to bring your steam cleaner back to its life.

So, let’s jump in;

How Clean Steam Mop Pads and Head – Be Very Careful

Steam mop cleaning gets done in two parts; Nozzle/Head cleaning and Pad cleaning.

Sometimes, it’s just the pads that need to be cleaned; otherwise, it’s good if you also take a look at the head or nozzle, which is the main channel of steam.

So, before we dive into the actual topic of cleaning a dirty mop head, let’s see how to clean a steam cleaner head.

How Clean Steam Mop Pads and Head – Be Very Careful
How Clean Steam Mop Pads and Head – Be Very Careful

How to Clean a Steam Cleaner Head/Nozzle:

It’s nice to have your machine plug-out before going for any cleaning process. This is because some machines auto emit steam when plugged in.

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As the water gets converted into steam at 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit, plugging out the steam mop extensively saves you from any potential skin burn. 

Now, there is also a condition. If you have been using hard tap water for cleaning, there are most chances you get your mop nozzle clogged with particles and particles.

In another scenario, if you have been careful about the machine and have always used the distilled water, most chances are you won’t get any residue clogged in the nozzle.

So, Nozzle cleaning is the second part you have to deal with. 

Many brands like Shark, Bissell come up with tools and cotton pads to clean the nozzle. Cotton pads become useful if the nozzle doesn’t face stubborn clogging.

In that case, cotton pads do the plot, and you are all done.

On the other side, you can use a small pin or other small sharp tools if your brand hasn’t given you a specialized nozzle opener with the package.

Nozzle opener makes it easy for you to unclog extreme stubborn or narrowly residing residue.

But sensibly, here is a tip for you. A clear and clean nozzle is excellent for steam to emit easily from the steam cleaner.

And for that purpose, you should use distilled water that won’t clog any mineral or dust particles in the nozzle. It will lessen the maintenance work and help your steam cleaner to work efficiently. 

How to Clean Mop Pads – The End Part:

The nozzle part is done, now move to the pads that are the main part that’ll be kissing your surface. So, make it nice, clean, without unnecessary fabric remains, and soft.

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Some Steam cleaner models come with disposable pads, which are the easiest thing to use and replace. However, in most cases, you get cotton or microfiber mopping pads.

Here, you get a bit challenged.

You can hand wash the pads or get the machine wash done as per the instruction. Whatever you go with, don’t use bleach, fabric softener, or other chemicals other than mild fabric detergent.

You may say fabric softener is a great thing when it comes to your clothes and other fabrics, so why not here?

Fabric softener clogs microfibers to the pads that’ll stick to your floor during mopping.

Let’s discuss it in 6 steps on How to Clean Mop Pads:

Step 1

1. Bring hot water in a bucket and add a mild liquid fabric detergent to the water.

Step 2

2. You can add Vinegar too (also see using vinegar in steam mop )

Step 3

3. Don’t overdo it; just 2-3 spoons are enough in 1-1.5 gallon water.

Step 4

4. Let’s the pads soak for few minutes, like 15-20 minutes, to loosen the debris and residue

Step 5

5. After that, manually wash the pads with your hands.  

Step 6

6. Let it sun-dry or spin it with a spinner depending on the instructions

Our Final Thought – You are Ready

You are good to go now with your mopping scene. So this is how to clean steam mop pads efficiently.

It’s highly advisable to do manual cleaning for better life coverage of your steam cleaner.

You should maintain a balance but don’t neglect the steps and also not overdoing these.

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