3.3V to 5V DC-DC converter.

3.3V to 5V DC-DC converter

3.3V to 5V DC-DC converter

During development of Arduino USB Host Shield I designed small and simple boost converter to provide 5V to Vbus from 3.3V input. The circuit, built around Linear Technology’s LTC3426, worked so well, that I decided to release a standalone version. There are many uses for such converter – LCD contrast bias being most typical. Another example when 3.3V to 5V converter could be handy, is old style Arduino shields. This photo shows my converter sitting on empty space of 3.3V-only Arduino Pro board.

Maximum output current of the converter is 650ma. It can be loaded up to 700, but inductor becomes warm. Output ripple is around 25mv at 500ma. If less ripple is desired, 3.3uH inductor can be used. Output capacitor can be increased also, hovever, benefits are marginal. Measured efficiency of this circuit is around 90%.

Project files, including Eagle schematic and layout files, as well as Gerbers, are available from Downloads section. Design rules are pretty relaxed and board is routed almost on a single side (the other side is a ground plane), so making one at home should not be a problem. Also, PCBs and assembled and tested converters are available in the store.


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  • Ayhan

    Hello Dear Compay,

    I want to buy a voltage converter 3-5C.
    Please send me a proposal.
    I can use PayPal or credit card.
    1,2 or 5 pcs.

    I will expect you offer.


    Regard’s:Ayhan YILMAZ

  • Dear Ayhan,

    Converters are for sale at the store ->


  • hasan

    this works really nice, thanks! (if only the international shipping was a bit lower)

  • Richard

    Any Idea when you folks will get the populated 3.3v->5v boards in? There is a possibility that a few people from the Tech talk community will be needing this converter. An optical joystick pcb that requires 5 volts but some games systems only give out 3.3v is possibly coming out soon. People will need this to get the joystick to work with a Playstation 2.

  • Andrés

    I can’t find the 3.3 to 5V converter in the store 🙁
    how much does it cost?

  • aastha

    LTC1700 OR LTC3426.

    thank u rply me as soon as possible.

  • Raul

    Made this circuit earlier. Exactly as described here and on the datasheet.
    I am not able to load it. Any output load ( 10 ohm – 15k ohm) drops the output voltage to 1.5 V and
    output current goes into micro amps.

    Any suggestions ??
    I can get 5V out of 1.5 – 3.3 V but no substantial current !!

  • Derek Bowen

    Oleg, I’m assuming from the fact that it can be selected in the store and checked out and stuff that this converter is once again for sale.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’d like to be absolutely sure.

    Other than that about how long would the shipping time be? It would be shipped to Pennsylvania.

    If you’re not selling them right now or if it will take too long to get here I guess I’ll just order the individual parts and build it myself, and incorporate those on the PCB for the project I’m working on.

    • Where do you see it? I only see bare PCB of this converter listed at the store and it is indeed available. I discontinued this converter and designed a better one -> ; I’m yet to start producing it but if you’re comfortable soldering 3mmx3mm QFNs, I can send you a blank PCB of it – contact me off-list at mazurov at . Also, Sparkfun sells a boost converter (my design also) -> which can be used as 3.3V to 5V booster.

      • Derek Bowen

        Oh, my mistake! My screen is 1024×768 and I’m using firefox so the words ran together and I didn’t see the “Bare PCB” part.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

        I don’t think I’ll need a PCB as I can just add a little section on the one I’m designing for this. There’s some extra space anyway on the thing anyway.

        Sparkfun’s converter is nice but I really need the switch on and off capability. Thanks for the help.

  • Chetan

    We need 0.5VDC- 5VDC (500 mas) converter . Can you supply?

    • I don’t think this can be done – for your spec you’ll need 10A input current and therefore losses will be excessive.

  • Daryl

    I would like to purchase two of these converters, are you producing them yet? I cannot seem to find them in the store. Thank you!

  • Amjad

    hello, how can I change 5v DC to 3.3v DC?

  • Andrew

    Retrode 2 N64/GBx plug-in needs a 3.3V to 5V voltage converter, would this work?

  • hemanth sai

    hiu… can anyone help me ….
    i have opted a usb mobile charger for edc project so i want to convert 3 v dc collected frm 2 pics of 1.5 v batteries but the main peoblem is in that circuit they used IC LTC3127 but it is not available could u plz sugest an alternative for the above mention ic with will replace the task of it plz reply asap……

  • Nice work. One question, what will happen if we give 5 volt or more at the input? Will the circuit be able to give an output of same 5 volts?
    Please reply. Thanks.