Firewall Types 2

8 Different Types of Firewalls  [A COMPLETE GUIDE]

What is a firewall and what does it do? If  you’re a geek/networking geek/hacker,  you’ve probably heard of firewalls. You’ve probably been to sites like HackRead or GoDaddy. The truth is that firewall software, which controls the flow of data into and out of a network, is present in the vast majority of household and commercial networks. …

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Light Lumens

How Many Lumens Do I Need for Outdoor Lighting – The Lumen Science

Sometimes you put heavy wattage lighting setup to make things exceptionally shiny and luminous. Unfortunately, you end up with undesirable results. Perhaps, you had judged the things wrongly. I mean, if you are in the lot that even wattage is the sign of brightness, you are in the wrong boat, …

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Steam Mop

Can I put Vinegar in Steam Mop – The Truth has been Unrevealed

Substances like Baking soda, Lemon, Vinegar, etc., are genuinely a blessing for DIY and home cleaning activities. Believe me! I also preserve these sorts of materials in my bucket every time; vinegar is my most used weapon against many household problems. When it comes to floor cleaning, yes, we have …

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Steam Mop Cleaning

How to Clean Steam Mop Pads and Head: Easy Steps to Follow

Steam cleaners lend you a helpful hand while mopping your floors. Believe me, My mother, 48, has been cured of back pain since we brought her the steam mop cleaner. However, the critical point here, you get a steam cleaner to better sanitize your floors. But then, you come to …

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How To Store a Generator When Not in Use

How To Store a Generator When Not in Use – Save it for Next Session

I have been through almost all around the world in nearly all kinds of weather conditions. Believe me! Whether it’s Florida, Mumbai, Alaska, or any other place, circumstances are still there that force people to consider power outages. Solar Power has been a good alternative solution to many power outages …

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Bagged vs Bagless Vaccums

Which is better: bagless or bagged vacuums? A Non-end Debate Just Ends Here

People fancy vacuuming over manual mopping as these gadgets make one’s life easy peasy. But still, the war between bagged vacuum versus bagless vacuums has created a stir in the house cleaning department. So are you a sufferer of bagless or bagged vacuum war? Is your buying decision standing on …

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Powerline Adapter vs Wifi Enxtender

Powerline Adapter vs. Wifi Extender- Are Powerline Adapters Better than WiFi

People mostly get confused about WiFi extender or WiFi repeater . It’s obvious, as nothing has been clarified by the manufacturers, what is a clear difference between these two. However, there is the third entry here in the WIFI booster adapter category – The Powerline Adapters. Technically, it’s way offbeat …

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Does a WiFi Extender Slow Down Internet speed

Does a WiFi Extender Slow Down Internet speed? Know Before Setting it up

It’s a story of every multi-story or large apartment, where one member cries for low WiFi signal strength and others enjoy the stable WiFi connection. No, it’s not an imaginary story; it’s damn factual. Imagine! This happens to you where you are taking your online classes, meetings, or video calling …

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