Do I need a Router for Wifi? [The Hidden Truth About This]

As long as you’re not trying to share an Internet connection, you don’t need a router to use Wi-Fi. The typical consumer Wi-Fi router is a hybrid device that combines a network switch, a network router, and a Wi-Fi access point. All three components of a consumer-level Wi-Fi router are …

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How To Change Wifi Password Spectrum [The Ultimate Detailed Guide]

We all know that no network is secure unless it is kept up to date and secured on your end.  Most cyber-attacks are carried out on personal accounts and can be carried out from anywhere in the world.  It becomes difficult for anyone to use your Spectrum WiFi password if …

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How To Change WiFi Password Netgear? [ The Complete Guide]

So you have a Netgear WiFi network and want to secure it for better performance. When you want to use your Netgear modem, securing it is never a difficult task. Things will become much easier for you if you follow the steps precisely. By securing your modem, you can avoid …

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Daisy Chain Router

How to Daisy Chain Routers [An Easy-Guide For You]

When using WiFi, you may dislike dead WiFi zones in your home or areas where your WiFi signals cannot be reached. There are occasions when you get interrupted signals or a poor connection speed throughout the house. As a result, you cannot obtain good connectivity and high-speed Internet throughout the …

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Using Verizon Fios

How to Extend Verizon Fios Wifi Range [5 Techniques to Extend it]

Many users are experiencing the issue of WiFi zones that are no longer operational. This issue must be resolved in order to enjoy uninterrupted WiFi access. How to resolve this issue if you use the Verizon FiOS system? It is a system in which you will be required to employ …

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wifi router

Best Way to Extend Wifi Outside [7 Ways to Extend Wifi Outside]

Do you believe you need to be a network administrator to extend the WiFi range? Consider again!    When your WiFi connection is functioning right, you don’t think about it, but when it isn’t, the slow speeds, dropped connections, and hot spots can drive you insane, capable of doing anything because you’ve spent whatever it takes to extend your WiFi and make …

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NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router review

How to Remotely Access My Router [4 Simple Procedures To do It]

“How Do I Get Internet Access to My Router?” you might be wondering. So, in today’s guide, we’ll find out… What if you could change the settings on your router while you’re away from family? That would be a huge help, especially if your parents or kids suddenly complain about …

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