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Arduino USB Camera Controller – Status Report 1

Cam.controller rev0

Cam.controller rev0

This is first iteration of camera controller layout inspired by Fernando Radi’s project. I designed a PCB containing Arduino Pro Mini, USB Host Mini, as well as other small parts necessary to complete the circuit. The whole thing is about the size of 16×2 LCD display and 1 inch high.

Next picture shows the controller with LCD removed. LCD connector is at the top left. Two resistors below the connector set the screen contrast. Slide switch next to LCD connector turns backlight on/off while power switch sits at the top right. USB Host Mini and Arduino Pro Mini are mounted underneath the LCD; encoder and “Back” button are placed to the right of LCD.

Project files include Eagle schematic and board layout, as well as a pdf of bottom side of PCB ready to be used in toner transfer process. EOSCamController code can be run on this board with no modifications. Some encoders have their A,B outputs swapped so if you see screen navigation moving backwards, swap encoder outputs. If you want to build this controller, refer to Eagle board layout file for part and jumper placement.

Cam.controller with LCD off

Cam.controller with LCD off

In the next iteration of the layout, I’m planning to move power switch to the left closer to backlight switch and use right-angle encoder and “Back” button. I will also try to find space for a LiPo charger. Stay tuned and please leave a comment if you have better layout in mind!


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