Best Solar Lamp Post Reviewed

The 5 Best Solar Lamp Post Reviewed

Why spend countless hours searching for the Best Solar Lamp Posts?   We did the hard work.  We selected the top 5  Solar Lamp Posts.   Pick one and buy yours today.

Best Solar Lamp Post Reviewed

When trying to find the best solar-powered lamp posts, no one wants to be left in the dark. That’s why we wrote this article, where we’ve gathered five examples below for you to choose from.

With the world opting for more sustainable energy alternatives, now may be the best time to make the switch to green energy that powers itself from the sun. If that’s the case, read on to see some of our favorite solar lamp posts.

As said, we chose five in total and each one has its own writeup detailing why we like them. There are even neatly laid out pro and con lists so that you can see their best features at a glance. In addition to that, though, we’ve also written a small buyers’ guide so you can see just how we’ve broken these products down.

This isn’t just useful for showing how we ranked the list, but diligent buyers can also take the same criteria and measure them against any other lamp posts you may have been considering.

In a hurry?

If you need to get your hands on some illumination fast, then may we suggest the Gama Sonic Baytown Lamp Post. It’s a simple but effective option for outdoor illumination that’s sure to please most people. See why we liked it below: 

  • The lighting head is made with a pyramid-shaped LED design that does not only look pretty but also scatters light in most directions for effective illumination. You can also choose whether the light is warmer or cooler. 
  • The lamppost has an optimum runtime of 10 to 12 which is more than enough for nighttime. It also uses integrated photocell sensors to detect light levels and change the level of illumination as needed. 
  • The post itself has a planter hanging apparatus at the top which is handy for those who might want to hang flowers off them. Meanwhile, at the bottom, you have an EZ Anchor mounting system that securely fixes your pole into the ground with just a few twists.

Best Solar Lamp Post

1. Gama Sonic Baytown Lamp Post

Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp, Post
Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp, Post, Bright White LED, Black
1,916 Reviews
Gama Sonic GS-105S-G Baytown Ez Anchor Lamp, Post, Bright White LED, Black
  • SOLAR POWERED- This outdoor solar powered lamp post is powered completely by the sun and equipped with an internal lithium-ion battery pack, which charges when sunlight hits the device’s solar panel
  • EZ-ANCHOR BASE: This solar lamp post can be installed on any surface (excluding concrete) with the EZ Anchor mounting system, assuring that the light will be well secured to the ground. Twist the anchor into the ground, attach the adaptor to the anchor and place the light on the adapter. The built-in indicator will verify when the post base is level and secure
  • AUTOMATIC DUSK TO DAWN LIGHTING – This Baytown II solar lamp post is designed to provide dusk-to-dawn performance when its battery gets fully charged during the day. The integrated photocell sensor can detect light and will automatically turn on at dusk and off once the sun comes up
The first lamp post we have to show you is the Gama Sonic Baytown Lamp Post. It’s the perfect option for those who want a simple and reliable post with no frills. That’s not to say it’s unpleasant to look at, however. 

It actually looks quite good because of its pyramid-shaped LED light fixture that’s housed within the head of the lamp post. It’s not only for aesthetics though, since it’s designed to cast light in as many directions as possible without overwhelming anyone standing near it.

The Baytown is one of Gama Sonic’s most popular models and we can see why. It comes with a planter that can be installed onto the post which those with green fingers are sure to appreciate. It also adds to the simple but homely but charming appearance these posts give out.

If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, it also has a selection of both warm and cool lights that can create a soft glow that illuminates around the post without being as strong as the primary lighting element.

Gama Sonic Baytown Lamp Post Optimal Charge

The most important part of any light is how long that light will stay on.  With an optimal charge, these lamp posts will clock in an enviable 10 to 12 hours which is more than enough to have them shining the whole night through. What’s more, an integrated photocell sensor on a lamp post will detect when the sun is going down and will adjust the lighting level accordingly

It’s powered by an internal lithium-ion battery pack that charges when the sunlight hits its connecting solar panels. On the topic of battery charge, we will say the lamp post can lose runtime after a few months of use. That said Gama was more than willing to send replacement batteries to restore these lamp posts to their former functionality.

At the bottom of the post, you’ll find the EZ Anchor mounting system which can be installed at any surface bar concrete. It ensures that the post is well secured to the ground and is easy to operate by simply twisting it. There is even a built-in indicator that lets you know when the post is in the ground, level, and secure. You only need to look at the product reviews to see that fellow customers have had their posts stand up to the extreme and come through it with no long-lasting damage.

Gama Sonic Pros:

  • A Pyramid-shaped LED lighting head sends light in all directions and looks good whilst doing it.
  • Has planter-hanging apparatus that can be used to spruce up the post.
  • You have the choice between both warm and cool lighting effects.
  • Has an optimal run time of 10 to 12 hours, enough for the night.
  • Integrated photocell sensor detects light levels and adjusts accordingly.
  • EZ Anchor mounting system makes installation fast and simple.


  • Run time may be decreased within months of use, but replacements are freely available from Gama.


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2. Kemeco Aluminum Solar Lamp Post

The second post on our list is the Kemeco Aluminum Solar Lamp Post. It’s a very cinematic-looking lighting option thanks to its ripple glass which softens the six high power LEDs that are burning away inside the post’s head. It’s a very powerful light for those who are looking for a heavy hitter

That lighting head again has a more simplistic design, being a squared-off box to balance the post against the large square planter located at the bottom. The planter allows you to grow anything from decorative plants to small foods like peas or berries, from which the rest of the lamp post will extend majestically.

The runtime isn’t as long as our number one option, but it will still last anywhere between 6 to 8 hours which is enough to make it through most of the night way illumination is required.

The post itself is made from durable aluminum and many speak highly of its build quality. The aluminum has an oxidizing layer that protects it from the elements, an invaluable property to have in an outdoor lighting installation. It won’t rust or otherwise break from an excess of moisture over the years. It’s treated with a waterproof sealant to withstand heavy rains, too.

The squared right-angular head of this post lends itself to solar energy quite handily since the panels receive maximum charge because of the distinct panel placement. Speaking of placement, because the planter is made from plastic and the rest from aluminum metal, the planter will need to be weighed down correctly when it’s installed. Pairing this lamppost with rocks and/or cement is a sure-fire way to minimize the risk of falling.

Kemeco Pros:

  • The six powerful LED lights in the post head are decorated with rippled glass that softens the warm light it gives out, but not too much.
  • Boxed head design places the solar panels in an energy-efficient position relative to the sun.
  • A large plastic planter at the bottom of the post allows you to grow your own decorative plants.
  • Runs anywhere between 6 to 8 hours when fully charged.
  • Made with durable aluminum that withstands environmental damage easily.
  • Designed for easy screw assembly with no wires needed.


  • Can be top-heavy in its sturdy construction, ensure comprehensive and secure installment.


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3. Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Street Light

Sterno Home GL23716BK Outdoor Solar LED Street Light, for Patio, Post Light, Garden, 80” High, 1-Pack, Black
1,031 Reviews
Sterno Home GL23716BK Outdoor Solar LED Street Light, for Patio, Post Light, Garden, 80” High, 1-Pack, Black
  • SOLAR-POWERED LED OUTDOOR LIGHT Paradise Outdoor Solar LED Street Light is powered by the sun, which supports long-term operations and maximizes energy-efficiency.
  • DUSK-TO-DAWN LIGHT This solar street light is programmed to automatically turn on when the sun sets for effortless operation.
  • CLASSIC LAMP POST DESIGN Charming traditional post light design is reminiscent of a vintage-style street lamp.

Next up is the Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Street Light, an innovative but outwardly vintage lamp post design with four seamlessly integrated amorphous solar panels on top. Those panels also include illumination sensors that can detect the light levels outside, so the post knows when to turn on or off.

The lighting instruments inside are protected by the weatherproof lamp post head, which isn’t only made from rust-resistant aluminum but is also specifically waterproofed against wet weather. The lighting equipment inside is composed of twelve bright white LEDs that are capable of reaching up to fifty lumens, enough to comfortably illuminate the surroundings of this post.

This power comes from the Ni-MH battery pack that gets recharged by sunlight, guaranteeing consistent illumination. There’s no electrical wiring to mess around with when you’re first installing it, and it’s designed to be installed on most surfaces.

Sterno Pros:

  • A vintage aesthetic lamp post with seamlessly integrated smart solar panels.
  • Made with rust-resistant aluminum that protects the light equipment.
  • 12 bright and cool white LEDs deliver close to 50 lumens from these posts.
  • Uses Ni-MH battery pack that provides a consistently charged and effective power source.
  • No electrical wiring to contend with, easily installed anywhere.


  • Some of the retention screws can be stripped out.


4. Gama Sonic Pagoda Lamp Post

Gama Sonic GS-104S Pagoda Lamp Post Outdoor Solar Light Fixture and Pole, Black
37 Reviews
Gama Sonic GS-104S Pagoda Lamp Post Outdoor Solar Light Fixture and Pole, Black
  • SOLAR POWERED- This outdoor solar powered lamp post is powered completely by the sun and equipped with an internal lithium-ion battery pack, which charges when sunlight hits the device’s solar panel.
  • AUTOMATIC DUSK TO DAWN LIGHTING – This Gama Sonic solar outdoor light is designed to provide dusk-to-dawn performance when its battery gets fully charged during the day. The integrated photocell sensor can detect light and will automatically turn on at dusk and off once the sun comes up.
  • NO ELECTRICAL WIRING – This solar lamp post is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to upgrade their landscape lighting while not breaking the bank. Installation is simple and takes minutes and does not require electrical wiring, just place in a spot with direct sunshine.

Here we have another lamp post from Gama Sonic. The Gama Sonic Pagoda Lamp Post is the best option for those who want a tall lamp post that, despite its size, still looks stylish instead of industrial.

Its name is referencing the pagoda shape that the top piece is designed after, which not only widens the amount of solar paneling that can be placed on top, but it also gives an air of sophistication. That said, because of their pagoda design, you should be careful of where you place these if they’re the option for you since shade on the panels will diminish their capability.

It does, however, boast an impressive run time at eight hours when it’s fully charged. It’s not the longest-lasting option available but it sure is reliable. We’ve already mentioned how tall it is, measuring in at a total of eighty-seven inches, or seven-point two five inches, but it should be said that this allows the lamp post to throw light further away, and the elongated pagoda shape only helps that.

It’s even the most powerful on our list, too, at a total of 180 lumens. This power is maintained through the fact that the monocrystalline silicon solar panels are also layered with cleanable, tempered glass, so you can be sure that they won’t be breaking when subjected to harsh weather. The panels also have sensors that detect dawn or dusk, so they know when to turn on or off.

Gama Sonic Pagoda Pros:

  • Stylish pagoda-shaped lamp post that also maximizes panel space at the top.
  • Tallest and most powerful lamp posts on this list at 87 inches and 180 lumens.
  • Has a significant eight hour run time, so it’ll last through the darkest nights.
  • Monocrystalline silicon panels are protected by a layer of tempered glass.
  • Automatically dusk and dawn detection so this lamp knows when to turn on or off.


  • Pagoda design also means that they should be placed with care.


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5. iGlow Outdoor Garden Solar Lamp Post

iGlow Outdoor Garden Solar Lamp Post Light w/ 2 Bright White SMD LED Streetlight Style Landscape Path Deck Dual Purpose
207 Reviews
iGlow Outdoor Garden Solar Lamp Post Light w/ 2 Bright White SMD LED Streetlight Style Landscape Path Deck Dual Purpose
  • 2 Ultra Bright White SMD LEDs (100 Lumens), Last up to 100,000 hours. Pre-installed Rechargeable 18650 3.7V, Last up to 3 Years before Replacing. The Solar Lamp Post Stands 78.5". (Adjustable)
  • Automatic Sensor Activates at Dusk with NEW and IMPROVED Crystalline Solar Panel for Superior Charging Performance. The Light also has Manual On/Off Switch.
  • Poles and Base are Constructed with Weatherproof, Durable Rust-resistant Cast Aluminum to Withstand Elements

Lastly, we have the iGlow Outdoor Garden Solar Lamp Post, a large lamp post that uses just two LEDs to light the way. Despite only using the two, these LEDs are very powerful since they provide one hundred lumens and will, in total, last up to one hundred thousand hours before needing replacement or repair.

The solar panels on this post also have automatic light-sensing so, when they’ve determined it’s gotten too dark or too light outside, they’ll turn on or off respectively. The panels are also sensitive in less desirable ways, too, as they require very specific conditions to deliver a consistent lighting performance. Because of that, we’d suggest you get this model if it’s going to be unobscured by any shadows from nearby buildings.

The post itself is cast aluminum, so it’s durable and suitably resistant to rust and other environmental issues that outside fixtures face. It comes with a wide array of accessories to help properly install this lamp post on almost any terrain, including concrete. These are three anchor bolts, ground spikes made from cast aluminum, and a bunch of screws, all designed to keep the post secure whether it’s in soft or hard ground.

iGlow Outdoor Pros:

  • A 2 LED, 100-lumen lamp post that lasts up to 100,000 hours.
  • Made from cast aluminum that’s durable and rust-resistant.
  • Automatic light sensing as well as manual on/off switches.
  • Comes with the equipment to install in both soft ground and cement.


  • Solar cells are temperamental, delivering an inconsistent level of illumination.


Best Solar Lamp Post – Buying Guide

How to buy the best solar lamp post

How complicated can lamp posts get? If you’re new to buying them, then you can easily struggle to find the best products since you don’t know how to compare them. That’s why we’ve written this buyers’ guide, where we’ve broken down these lamp posts into their individual parts and properties and described what you should be looking for in each section.

Those sections are the design and aesthetic of the lamp post, the strength of its lamp post through its height and brightness, post durability, any additional design features, and the ease of installation.

Design and Aesthetic

This is probably the most superficial but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. After all, if you don’t like how a lamp post looks then why would you buy it? You should grab one that tickles your fancy and matches its surroundings, so it doesn’t stand out too much, unless that’s exactly what you want, of course. You’ll have to decide whether you want your post to be squared, or sloped, or pagoda-shaped, and pick accordingly.

If you’re planning on installing your post in an area with lots of shade, it’s handy to check out the design of the post head and how much paneling is allowed up there, since certain models will have diminished performance when not out in the open.

Height and Brightness

The general power of a lamp post usually boils down to two things, height and brightness. The number and lumen count of the LEDs used in the posts is important for determining brightness, of course, but a short post with a high lumen count isn’t going to be as effective as a tall one. Height is important because the higher a post is, the further it can cast light out.

The number of LEDs and the lumen value of each post will undoubtedly be on their product pages, so all you need to do is find the posts you’re interested in and compare. The brightness is more important than the number of LEDs, we’d say, since you get more illumination out of 2 100 lumen LEDs than six interspersed 50-lumen ones.

We should also mention that light is generally separated into two profiles, one we call warm and one we call cool. This is because certain lights are more orange or blue than others, so you should take into consideration whether you want a warm glow or a stark and clean-looking blue-white light.

Post Durability

Durability is important when buying any tech, since you don’t want to waste your money. When that tech is going to go outside, you’ll especially want to make sure that it won’t break or otherwise fail.

Most lamp posts you can get your hands on online are made out of similar materials, usually cast aluminum that’s been painted over with a grained or pocked finish. Aluminum is a natural choice because it’s durable enough for construction purposes whilst being resistant to rusting, water exposure, and other structural problems that will occur when placed outside. 

Additional Design Features

On the post itself, you may be able to get posts with prongs at the top to hang planters from or, even better, a built-in planter basket at the base of the post. The importance of these is contingent on whether you want to plant anything on the posts, of course, but it is a handy way to spruce up any outdoor decorations, especially if they’re looking drab.

Ease of Installation

Installing an entire lamp post by yourself sounds like a daunting task to some, but thanks to certain design and mounting elements it can actually be easy to do. Check the product page of your desired lamp post model and check for a few things.

First, see how many pieces the post comes in, since that speaks to how over/underwhelming it’ll be to work with all of the parts and put them together.

Secondly, look for a guarantee that there’s no electrical wiring involved. Since you’re looking at solar lamp posts, this will be almost all of them, and we wouldn’t recommend you buy one that does need to be wired.

Lastly, check the bottom and see how it’s mounted. Many brands will have patented twist mounting mechanisms to make it easier than ever. If not then there’s no need to worry, just make sure that it comes with all of the accessories you’ll need to mount it. Also check if it’s for soft ground, hard ground, or both, which is preferable.

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