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Who we are?

Welcome to Circuits At Home, your source for information on all manner of home electrical equipment, from wiring to light fixtures, and from security cameras to video gear. Whether you need to light up a room, fill it with sound, or secure your perimeter – we have you covered.

So is born out of my fascination and respect for the power and all the benefits it brings to the average home.

Hopefully, that resonates in the articles and reviews on this site. And if you have an interesting story or suggestion for electrical gear I should cover, please share it.

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What we do.

Circuits At Home offers general information on how different types of home electronics operate so that you understand the advantages of different technologies.

Such as

And we provide detailed gear reviews and comparisons so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to purchase.

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About ME

Charles Ingram

Hi, I am Charles.  I’ve been fascinated with electronics and gadgets for as long as I can remember. I grew up in an old home in a rural setting, so the quality and continuity of our electrical service were spotty at best. Spending time without power (or running off a generator) gave me a lot of appreciation for the benefits of electricity.


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