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Interfacing PS3 controllers to Arduino via wired USB

ps3 usb code

ps3 usb code

This is a short announcement about a new feature added to USB Host Shield 2.0 Library. Kristian Lauszus from TKJ Electronics developed and contributed code for interfacing to several Sony PS3 game controllers and has been working on refining it for several months. Two days ago he posted a pull request on GitHub with the following comment:

I don’t know if you could post it on your blog too, so people will know that it now also supports the controllers via USB?

Since the beginning, Kristian concentrated on Bluetooth interface for the controllers. This is the preferred way, however, the standard wired USB interface is as good as Bluetooth dongle plus it is 100% compatible. Take a look at this example showing how to initialize PS3 controller and access its buttons, joysticks and accelerometers.

Kudos to Kristian for this nice piece of code!


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