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Sparkfun 2010 Autonomous Vehicle Competition

Despite less than perfect weather, this year’s AVC was a remarkable event. On land as well as in the air, several vehicles were able to finish 100% of the track. In addition, certain airplanes demonstrated autonomous takeoff and landing. The official event page and Twitter trend contain much information about the event; I just wanted to share several pictures that I’ve made while spectating. Enjoy,


Team Tobor, 1st on land

Team Tobor, 1st on land

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Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.

I just came back from Sparkfun autonomous vehicle competition and here’s some pictures:

The fastest on land

The fastest on land

This rover made first place on land. For some reason land and air vehicles were competing in the same category so this giy got second place. This was the only rover able to finish the track. It did it 3 times with good results. Here is the builder’s log:

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