5 Best Led Photography Lights Reviews for Photo

The 5 Best Led Photography Lights Reviews for Photo

photography lighting Studio. best Led Photography Lights
Photography Studio Lighting

Are you passionate about photography? Are you ready to up your game? One of the first steps to becoming a pro is add the proper illumination equipment. People new to photography often believe that to get the best shots, they need an expensive, feature-packed camera. But it turns out that many photographers could up their game with a far less costly piece of necessary equipment: an LED light . In this 5 Best Led Photography Lights Reviews, we will show you which is the best LED lights you need to buy for photos and videos

LED lights are fast becoming the standard in photography and studio flash lighting. Not only do they provide the type of glow that you want when taking pictures, but because of LED technology, they emit less heat than standard strobe lights, helping subjects to add more comfortable. LED lights also add customizability. Thanks to LED technology, it’s possible to adjust LEDs to output different color temperatures, color balance, depending on the type of photograph you want to take. What’s more, because of the low energy requirements of a LED bulb, you can buy battery-powered lights that you can place anywhere, without having to be within reach of an extension cord from an electrical outlet.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the LED light for photography and video. Here is a quick chart comparing the models you can add to your tool box:

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Best LED light for photography for Production And Photos

There are a lot of different manufacturers introducing LED lights package, but some are clearly better than others. After going over features and analyzing owner feedback, here are our picks for the best LED lights to add:

1. GVM LED Light System

GVM LED Video Lighting Kit review
The GVM LED Lighting System

When GVM designed its lighting product, it had high quality and customizability in mind. The product comes with three individual LED lights, each with a handy digital display screen, and a supporting pack. Although the Led lights have both AC and DC power options, most people will want to unplug from the mains and function on battery power.

Despite being the most expensive illumination solution in this review, the GVM does not come with a battery. If you want to go mobile, you’ll have to add either a Sony np-f550 or np-f970 Li-ion battery separately. Overall battery life is good. With that said, the offering from GVM comes with a host of features that most professional and amateur photographers will love. Top of the list is undoubtedly the heat dissipating design. Each strobe light in the set comes with a special aluminum shell for excellent heat dissipation, preventing heat building during long shoots.

GVM Key Features:

  • Made of Aerospace aluminum alloy, non-slip, high heat dissipation
  • U-mount bracket design. Easier to adjust lock knob toward different angle for the best shooting.
  • Attaching barn doors to light sources creates a beam spread of light, making light more focused on the subject.
  • Powered with Sony F970/750 Li-ion battery for wireless operation (Battery sold Separately)
  • Power Adapter (included)
  • CRI: 97 +
  • TLCI: 97+
  • Power: 29W
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • LED Beads: 480 Pieces (240 White+240 Yellow)

The stands supporting the led lights can also be adjusted up and down, and the angle and rotation changed at the top, to add a bright, directionally-appropriate continuous light source when needed.

GVM also give photographers plenty of room to play with color temperatures and toughness. The new 2018 model allows color temp adjustments from 2300K all the way up to 6800K, with a diffuser that permits light to vary from very soft to very tough. It comes with 480pcs durable LED bubs. This light is adopted the American Chip, and has a life more than 70, 000 hours Lux lights can reach 15000 Lux at 20 inch and 5500 Lux at 40 inches with the added extra lux.

Thanks to its rich feature set, the GVM is targeted at the enthusiast or the professional photographer who wants to be add this system to both work in the studio and in the field. The combination of versatility and heat dissipation makes the GVM a top contender for the title of best LED light for photography. The top one for our 5 best LED light for photography is the GVM LED. You will not be disappointed.

  • Led video lighting kit with app control: 2019 upgrade video lighting kit, app control model, whose Color temp is between 2300k-6800k and high brightness is between 10%-100%, has a new addition of digital display screen, accurately displaying the parameters.
  • Adjustable light board: The video Lighting‘s light is distributed and with an adjustable soft board, it’s very helpful for portrait and video.
  • Ac/ DC power options: wireless operation with AC adapter (supplied) or Sony NP-F550 np-f970 Li-ion battery (not included)

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GVM LED Lighting System Review –  A Very Good buy

Customer Review for the GVM LED

APP Control, Color Variable 2300K~6800K with Digital Display Brightness of 10~100% for Photography, CRI97+ TLCI97 Led Light Panel +Barndoor

Super Professional set.  These are a significant bang for your buck! I really like them! These are lightweight and strong Led lights which should work for almost any family photographer, videographers of all sorts as well as studio productions. They work very similar to specialist Kino lights. We were going to purchase Fresnel lights but those were far cheaper but just as large quality and of course they’re MUCH safer to utilize so they are very good for beginner-level students and also for those people who have a team without formal manufacturing expertise.

You’re able to correct the heat and coolness easily with a dial on the backside. The electronic interface on the rear of the led lights guarantees that both of these will appear the exact same, so there is no guessing. I enjoy it plugs into any conventional 3-prong socket.  It did not require an XLR input signal to utilize them. The case that they come in is really slick and professional, but I wish it was somewhat larger since it is sort of difficult to fit everything in there. However, they’re extremely mobile and easy to establish and continue around. Simply speaking, all these are amazing lights that are fantastic for novices and for a wide variety of production requirements. Very straightforward, I love this gear.  Definitely 5 Stars.  Buy it and you will not regret it.

2. Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-Color 660 LED

Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 review
The Neewer 2 Pieces 660 Small LED Panel Light

When Neewer were developing their 2 Pieces Bi 660 Light, they wanted to make something that was both durable and lightweight that photographers could carry with them wherever they went. And when you see the Neewer in person, you can certainly tell that this was their objective. The system is rugged in appearance, complete with heavy-duty support like a hot shoe mount and full alloy flaps surrounding the LED array.

What about adjustability? One of the most striking features of the 2 Pieces 660 LED Light is the dual knobs at the back that control over both warm and cold light adjustment plus it is flicker free. These adjustments are particularly helpful when photographing human subjects because they allow you to control skin tone from pale white to deep yellow with nice color temperature.


  • LED Beads, Led panel: 660 Pieces (330 White+330 Yellow)
  • Power: 40W
  • Color Temperature: 3200-5600K, daylight balanced
  • Lumen: 7300Lux/m
  • Light Led Panel Size: 9.1×7.9×1.9 inches/23.2x20x4.8cm

The color temperature and color balance range of the 2 Pieces LED Light source is not as impressive as that on the GVM, running from 3200K to 5600K, but it is still sufficient for most settings. Photographers who want to reproduce the vibrancy of natural sunlight may struggle with this light. And like the GVM, Neewer has decided not to supply the 2 Pieces LED Light with a battery, not like the aa batteries, despite marketing the product as a product you can carry around with you “wherever you go.” The second choice of our selection for Photography Lights is the Neewer, it is an excellent option to meet all your studio needs add to your capabilities.

  • Kit includes: (2)Bi-color LED Video Light with U Bracket and Barndoor, (2)White Diffuser, (2)Power Adapter, (2)Power Cable, (2)Carrying Case and (2)26 inches/66 centimeters-75 inches/190 centimeters Adjustable Light Stand
  • With 330 White and 330 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, this light illuminates a variable white balance from Tungsten-Daylight 3200-5600K Color Temperature; U-mount Bracket enables the photographers to adjust the lighting angle according to the shooting environment
  • The video light is made of excellent quality aluminum alloy showing simple elegant appearance; Can be placed directly on the light stand, ground or desk, providing multiple shooting solutions, more convenient for your creation work

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Neewer 2 Pieces  LED Video Review

3. GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Stock

LED Light Photography Studio, Adjustable Light with Light Stand Tripod Photographic Fill Light
GSKAIWEN 180 LED ring Light review best Led Photography Lights
The GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Stock

GSKAIWEN, based in Shaoxing, China, is a relative newcomer to add to the photography space. But that doesn’t mean that the company lacks ambition. Set up just a few years ago, the firm has already brought and added the 180 LED Light to market, offering a plethora of features at a budget price.

The key 1-2 standout feature of the 180 LED Light is the ability to control the intensity at such a low price point. Although other models in this review come with color temperature options, the 180 LED Light does so without breaking the bank. The 180 LED Light also comes with a helpful hot shoe mount this is easy to fold away, should you be traveling out of the studio at any point.

The downside of GSKAIWEN’s offering is the fact that there is no battery-powered option at all. If you want to use these led lights, then you have to find a power supply- you’ve got no other choice.

The company says that the light will last for at least 10,000 hours, in line with the life of most LED products out on the market already. And the led lights can be rotated and angled on the tripod stand with good beam angle and light panels, just as with the other models we’ve discussed so far in this review. It can be used with led panels to help give continuous led light for that studio added effect.

If there’s a downside to the GSKAIWEN, it’s the build quality. The tripods are incredibly lightweight meaning that they sometimes don’t hold up the led lights above correctly. And, despite using LED technology, the led lights can still get hot – something that may affect subjects during long shoots.

  • MULTIPLE USES: Ideal for professional photographers and videographers alike! Go from still images to video with beautiful lighting.
  • Self-important US Sign lighting, LED ring light, unique light design, soft light, accurate colour temperature, color display white, to achieve beautiful skin, and instantly make the picture becomes clear.
  • Professional portrait photography fill light, shooting still life, video dedicated.

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4. Emart Photography Softbox Lighting Stock

Equipment Studio Softbox 20″ x 27″, 45W Dimmable LED with Double Color Temperature for Portrait Shooting
Emart Photography Softbox Lighting Kit review best Led Photography Lights
The Emart Photography Softbox  Kit

Emart wanted to create a high-quality LED product that was suitable for studios, home studios, and professionals alike. The stock comes with two softbox dimmable LED lights with double color temperature for portrait shooting. Colour temperature varies from 2700K up to 5500K and can be adjusted using a small dial on the back of the lamp. Emart claims that, at the maximum setting, the Softbox Kit can provide pure white daylight balanced, though it cannot offer color temperatures as high as more expensive models in this review.

Like the GSKAIWEN, Emart is a budget offering. But when you are with the product in person, it certainly doesn’t feel this way. The tripod, for instance, is robust and highly adjustable. The lamp holder rotates 180 degrees, allowing photographers to light their scenes from an angle of their choice. The beam angle can be adjusted with light panels as needed to get the perfect shots. The lights also come supplied with a long, 124-inch cable, allowing you to place them a long way from a power supply, should you need to.

Emart have even given some thought to cooling. Each of the lamps in the kit comes with a small fan placed in the rear which helps to remove heat buildup from the LED array while in use. The fans are almost silent and help to increase the life of the product. (Hot LEDs may expire faster than those operating at cooler temperatures).

The standout feature of the Emart Photography Softbox Kit, however, is arguably the nylon softbox reflector and diffuser. The diffuser performs like one that you would expect on a much more expensive model, providing soft, even light for most photo applications.

  • Professional softbox lighting kit, ideal for photography shooting, home studio, photo video studio, Portrait lighting
  • Two colors temperature adjustment (2700K and 5500K) Adjust brightness freely. Easy to get photography lighting
  • 2 x 20″×27″ softbox reflector with diffuser, ensure for the high-quality of video lighting photography

[‘amazon box=”B073TR6NYF”]

5. Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED

 Bracket Professional Light for Studio, YouTube Outdoor Photography Kit, Durable Metal Frame, 480 LED Beads, 3200-5600K, CRI 96+
Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED ring light review
The Neewer Dimmable LED Panels

The Neewer LED uses an array of 480 small bulbs – 240 white and 240 yellow – to create different light settings. Colour temperature ranges from 3200K to 5600K, providing daylight balanced illumination at the highest setting.

But Neewer didn’t just design the Dimmable Color LED with function in mind: they also set out to make something beautiful that would look good in any studio, professional or otherwise. The LED light panel is made from premium materials. The aluminum frame has an elegant appearance. And the light that sits on top is refined and minimalist.

That’s not to say that function isn’t important. The light comes with a U-mount bracket which provides both swivel and tilt adjustment to give a nice shine from different light panels and beam angle.

Just like the 2 Pieces color 660 LED Light bulb, Neewer markets the product as a light that you can take anywhere or do anything with. Unfortunately, like the other product discussed in this review, the Neewer doesn’t come with a battery – you have to buy that separately, adding to the price.

So what type of person would want the Neewer LED? It’s clear that this product is aimed at somebody who already has a lot of photograph equipment in their studio. Although the Neewer offers a range of functions and could be used as a standalone product, it perhaps lacks some of the additional features that most photographers and producers might want. Most importantly, the kit only comes with a single light, making it impractical for many situations.

The good news is that you get the Neewer one year warranty. What’s more, Neewer offers all customers email support should you run into trouble. The light comes with a carrier bag and a range of wiring and adapter accessories.

  • 480 LED BULBS: With 240 White and 240 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, this light illuminates a variable white balance from Tungsten-Daylight 3200-5600K
  • U-MOUNT BRACKET: Enables the photographers to adjust the lighting angle according to the shooting environment
  • AC/DC POWER OPTIONS: Power with AC Adapter (included) or Sony NP-F550 NP-F970 Li-ion battery for wireless operation (battery sold separately)

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Photography Tips

Here is a great clip giving tips about photography and production:

Photography Tips and FAQ

Here is a great clip giving tips about photography and production:

Is LED lighting good for photography?

The majority of LED studio lighting is intended for video use, but it can also be used for still photography. This is especially true for lights made of panels containing dozens of small LED light bulb. Because video work is done at a closer range and requires less light, many LEDs are relatively low-output devices.

Which light is best for photography?

Continuous lighting bulbs are classified into three types: fluorescent, tungsten, and LED. All types produce excellent results, so deciding which to use is primarily a matter of personal preference. Fluorescent lighting is generally easier to find in studio lighting and does not overheat, so most studio photographers use it.

What is a good wattage for photography lighting?

a power output of 600 watts per second

The most powerful lights are used for telephoto lens shooting, photographing large groups, and creative lighting tasks such as overpowering the sun. Photographers tasked with those shoots frequently choose lights with at least 600 watts per second, as well as some of the more expensive flash options.

Which is better softbox or umbrella?

Softboxes provide much more directional light control (with less spill) than umbrellas. They also allow for rectangular catchlights in the eye as opposed to round catchlights. Many photographers prefer rectangular catchlights because they resemble natural light coming through a window.

What is better 12v or 24v LED lights?

While it depends on the current draw of the light strip, the type of LED, and the number of LEDs, 24-volt LED strip lights have longer maximum runs than 12-volt strips. This is due to the fact that higher voltage carries more power.

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